Aloha !!! 

When booking an appointment, you must give us your first and last name and your pet's name. Also, when preparing for your visit we recommend that you bring a stool (fecal) sample  with you. Parasites are VERY common in our tropical climate and pets should be checked every year if your pet visits outdoor beaches, parks, common areas around housing etc. Only a small (1inch segment) sample is needed. It may contain hundreds or even thousands of parasite eggs. They are microscopic and you will not see them. Don't expect to see the worms. This is especially important if the appointment is for a noticeable change in eating, bowel activity, behavior, or general health. Please do not bring us your pet's morning poop bag. We only want 1/2 teaspoon in a ziploc bag. ALL DOGS should be tested yearly for HEARTWORMS (spread by mosquitoes) and put on monthly prevention.

It is very important that animals come to their appointments on an empty stomach if they will be having blood tests or receiving sedation prior to a dental cleaning appointment.  Do not give food after 9 pm the night before and no water after 6:30 am on the morning of your visit. 

If possible bring copies of your pet's previous medical records, or have them emailed to us.

Thank you!


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