Minimum Standards of Pet Care


VACCINES:  All dogs should receive protection against distemper, Parvo virus, Adeno virus/ hepatitis and (4 way) leptospirosis. All outdoor dogs that play in fresh water or marshy lands should be vaccinated for leptospirosis yearly.

Pets that travel frequently or are boarded or are in contact with a lot of other animals should be vaccinated against Bordetella which is kennel cough. Dogs that travel to the mainland will need to be maintained on their rabies vaccines.


HEARTWORM: all dogs in the Hawaiian islands should be tested yearly for heartworm and maintained on heartworm prevention throughout the entire year. It only takes one mosquito to spread heartworm disease which can be devastating to the health of even the strongest dog. A small blood sample will be taken by the veterinarian and test results can be available in a few minutes. The preventive medications are not safe to give if the pet already has adult heartworms in the heart. That is why a blood test is essential.


FLEAS: All pets in the Hawaiian islands should be on regular flea control. Products that are safe to use and that have very minimal potential side effects are available as chewable monthly doses or is spot on medication put between pets shoulders. Houses or locations that are infested with fleas must be adequately treated in order to kill the infestation. We have the best temperature range and humidity for fleas to reproduce rapidly and one female flea  hundreds of thousands of eggs in a brief period of time. Fleas live off of the pet 95 percent of their life cycle so seeing even one flea on your pet is very significant and probably indicates that there are hundreds in your carpet or grass. A house that is infested must be fogged and the yard should be sprayed, preferably on the same day. All pets should be removed during this time and your veterinarian can tell you exactly how to do it properly. Yard spray is available at Home Depot that is effective and safe to use. The newer products are all chemically made from the original compound which comes from the chrysanthemum plant. These are pyrethrins and all of them and in the ending “THRIN”.

These products have hardly any mammalian toxicity whatsoever but they will kill fish or geckos so do not let them get into fishponds etc. they have long lasting residual effect and can be safely sprayed inside houses under desks dressers beds etc. The product home defense available at many different stores is very safe to use in your house and is non-toxic to animals as soon as it dries. The amount that it would take to cause even a slight illness is massive. Obviously you would not allow them to drink it from a water bowl!

 Use common sense and remove pets from areas being sprayed until the area is completely dry. Natural products such as eucalyptus oil leaves, chrysanthemum leaves, diatomaceous earth etc. have very little effect on flea infestations. Flea shampoo’s and collars will rarely do anything other than provide temporary relief. The monthly oral or spot on products are necessary to do a really good job on flea control. We recommend Revolution for topical spot on project or oral Trifexis if your pet currently has fleas. Sentinel Spectrum does a great job of preventing environmental flea infestations.

TICKS:  Pets that room outside may end up with ticks parasitizing them. Ticks carry a variety of diseases and should be seen as being a significant threat to your pets health. Ask the doctor how best to prevent or treat to confess stations. We recommend Brevecto for combined flea and tick problems. 













VACCINES: All should be protected against feline panleukopenia or distemper as well as the upper respiratory tract infections. Depending on their exposure some cats will need other components added into the vaccine including feline leukemia vaccine or FELV.  Cats that go outdoors should receive this vaccine. 


FELV & FIV TESTING: All cats that come in contact with other cats either in boarding facilities or in free roaming situations should be tested for feline leukemia virus (FELV) and FIV. Both of these are immune suppressing viruses that are very similar to HIV aids in humans. These viruses are cancer causing viruses and also lead to a wide array of other infections and diseases.


FLEAS: If your pet lives inside and has never had fleas and never contacts other animals and careful monitoring is important. Fleas can attach themselves to human clothing and shoes and be tracked into the house without the person ever being aware of it.  Fleas  will attach to anything warm and can travel long distances attached to clothing or shoes.

All cats showing any evidence of fleas should be treated with a monthly spot on product such as Revolution.  We have found that the Heartz Mountain and other over-the-counter products do not work well and that many fleas have become resistant to them.

The best way to check a pet for fleas is to sit them on a white piece of paper or paper towel and brush their coat out onto it. Any small black specs that look like pepper should have a drop of water apply to them and allow them to sit for five minutes to see if they turn red or develop into a small spot of blood. This indicates that the black specks are flea dirt which is digested blood from your pet. The pictured products below are safe and the active ingredients come from the chrysanthemum plant and are pyrethrin based products that are non-toxic to mammals.

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