"Preparing for your visit:"


Please obtain copies of your pets records to bring with you for your visit. You can do this by calling your veterinarian and having them fax or email records to you and then having them printed off. For now , we do not have a fax machine 

ability to do the printing for you. Please bring hand printed copies to us. It is important that you always have a file of your pets records anyway, so this is something that you should have at all times for your pet and keep in a file at home.
Having said that, Dr. Townsley, is very good at diagnosing  from square one without needing previous information.
 It is important for you to tell us if your pad has ever had a reaction of any kind to a medication or food substance

How to travel: we require that all dogs be on a leash at all times for safety and liability reasons. Please ask for leash if you do not have one.
We require that all cats be in a carrier of some sort. Many cats will travel better in a pillowcase that is tied shut then they will in a box or Airline carrier  .
After they are in the pillow case  you can then set them in a plastic dish pan so urinating Won’t be a problem.


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