A yearly exam is one of the most important things that you can do for your pets health and wellness. Pets that are over eight years of age should be examined twice year. This six-month period for us translates into 3 1/2 to 4 years for them. Identifying problems before they become critical is very important in the successful control and treatment of age related diseases. Dr. Townsley, has many years of experience in diagnosing challenging problems that others have missed.


Health Certificates 

Only accredited veterinarians can sign interstate and international health certificates. These are necessary in order for you to travel. Dr. Gregg has been nationally and state accredited for many years. 


 Protecting your pet from infectious diseases is the only way to ensure their safety. The island of Kauai has a constant source of leptospirosis in the freshwater that can live in stagnant water or muddy soil’s for up to a year and can penetrate into skin or mucous membranes without a cut.


Heartworm & Lab Tests

All dogs and cats on the island of Kauai I should be tested for heartworm and put on prevention as this devastating disease can be spread through just one mosquito bite.


Laboratory Tests

Our clinic provides rapid results on blood tests with same day or next day results. All pets over seven years of age should have a blood profile run every year to screen for and prevent diseases.



 Intestinal parasites are common on the island of Kauai due to our temperature and humidity. Your pet can catch intestinal parasites without ever contacting another animal simply by sniffing at something in the grass or eating something that they shouldn’t. Tapeworms are commonly spread through fleas.


Dental Exams

Many people are not aware of how profoundly the health of the teeth and gums affect the internal organs of the body. It is extremely important that your pet have a full oral exam.


Senior Exams 

As your pet grows older it is very important to screen for diseases that might be prevented or treated easily if caught early.

Nutrition & Holistic Medicine

  we always aim at treating the whole patient by incorporating nutritional counseling nutraceuticals and holistic approaches to health care.


Skin & Ear Diseases

When these problems become chronic it is a major discomfort your pet. Dr. Townsley has years of experience in Dermatology.


Urinary Diseases

 Infections and problems with urinary tract can cause your pet great discomfort and lead to soiling inside the home, urinating in abnormal places and loss of control.


Internal Medicine

 Dr Gregg  has many years of experience in treating internal medicine cases.


Lameness & Pain Management

Dr Gregg has restored many pets to full function who were disabled, crippled with arthritis or degenerative joint disease.

In-Office Euthanasia

We provide in-office euthanasia service, or sometimes at the car, outside the office. We currently do not provide at-home euthanasia appointments. The cost for in-office euthanasia is $100 - $300, depending on the weight of the pet, the condition or co-operation of the pet, and whether the animal is in pain and trying to bite or scratch or not. These appointments are set up only with direct communication with the staff. 

To learn more about pet euthanasia and how you can best prepare for it and ensure it goes smoothly, painlessly and peacefully, please visit PetEuthanasia.info.


Behavior Counseling

 Dr Gregg has many simple ways of altering obnoxious or destructive behavior.



  This is the most effective way to identify pets that could be lost.



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